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As a continuation of the VSP eye health index for 2016, here are the 10 least eye-healthy cities in the United States.
Ready for some big news? Johnson & Johnson announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) for $4.325 billion in cash. AMO’s business segments include cataract surgery, laser...
Minimally invasive vitrectomy surgery with 27-gauge equipment is improving with the development of new technology that is increasing efficiency and expanding functionality.
A preview of what to expect at AAO 2016 in Chicago!
Check out the latest results from the 2016 VSP Vision Care Eye Health Index!
Sleep position may be correlated with the severity of dry eye symptoms, suggests a new study.
Refractive surgeons can consider fibrin adhesives to prevent the recurrence of epithelial ingrowth after LASIK.
Oxidative stress stemming from a growing accumulation of visual cycle adducts may play an important role in the pathogenesis of AMD, suggest new findings.
Researchers present findings from a large dataset designed to explore the effect of postoperative keratometry on quality of vision after myopic wavefront-guided LASIK.
Devices for continuous IOP monitoring will address the need to better understand IOP levels and patterns in patients with glaucoma.

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Due diligence can mean difference ...
Ten-day workweek for ophthalmologists
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The ‘art’ of the optical deal
The ‘art’ of the optical deal

A visit to two innovative optical shops reveals differing portraitures of providing better customer experience and ...

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Making the case for computer lenses

Due diligence can mean difference ...

When developing a new plan for a medical practice, explore solutions and barriers from all possible angles (including an ...

The ethics of care for technicians
Super optician to the rescue!
Collagen corneal cross-linking for ...

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