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A new, first-in-class, aldehyde-trap topical drop demonstrated rapid onset of action and sustained efficacy with an acceptable safety profile in a phase II clinical trial of patients with moderate-to-severe allergic conjunctivitis.
Though much has been learned about non-arteritic ischemic neuropathy since the earliest studies, no effective treatment is currently available. An update on research progress is highlighted.
Terry Kim, MD, and Anthony Aldave, MD, refuse to let their busy worklives get in the way of pursuing their hobbies. For 7 years, they’ve found a way to merge their professional and personal lives by DJing at ophthalmology meetings.
“I am definitely telling my kids not to go into the medical field.” Given bureaucratic insurance companies and government regulations on healthcare, this type of attitude seems to represent a pervasive mindset that has started to...
Just like cataract surgery has evolved during my career from a three-day inpatient experience of extracapsular extraction to a three-hour outpatient experience of phaco, we physicians and our practices will need to adapt to our new...
Improvements in the Boston Keratoprosthesis device have resulted in fewer complications after implantation, but they still occur. Surgeons should be alert to development of infectious keratitis and endophthalmitis postoperatively.
More than 11,000 clinicians and researchers will gather in Seattle for the latest in cutting-edge vision science at the 2016 meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.
Steven Dewey, MD, shares his experience with a recent patient case when a lens rotated. A possibility for why this may have happened is the lens was not stable in the bag.
Here are some letters from readers in response to whether the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil should be delayed due to the Zika virus outbreak.
In celebration of Workplace Eye Wellness Month, find out what you need to know about eye safety for your patients who work in office jobs and heavy industry alike.

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