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In this month's Clinical Round Up, Sharon Freedman, MD, discusses results of the Infant Aphasia Treatment Study, and how it found there is no glaucoma protection from primary IOL placement in children. Additionally, Barbara...
Change is inevitable. But that doesn’t have to mean the beginning of problems and stress at your practice.
Alimera Sciences features 10 physician case studies via webcast.
Surgeons need to truly understand the ins and outs of their patients' personalities to optimize surgical outcomes, argues Mark Packer, MD, in his latest blog.
Five years after adopting an electronic health record (EHR) system, a North Carolina ophthalmology practice saw a 41% return on investment, and netted roughly $1.2 million in revenue, according to a new report.
What would happen if all ophthalmic staff were allocated such a salary?
There has been growing concern within the medical industry that senior physicians can negatively impact patient care.
In her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, writes how ophthalmologists can fight UPP at the source—your patients.
In his latest blog, Mark Packer, MD, reflects on ophthalmic pioneers of the past, and writes why controversy and challenging the norm is what drives the future of advancements.
While practice may not always make perfect (at least in this life), it definitely does “make better” not only in sports, but also in the operating room.

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Change is inevitable. But that doesn’t have to mean the beginning of problems and stress at your practice.

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Following specific steps in the retail-selling process will increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase.

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