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In her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, offers a 6-step plan to rid your office of boring, pointless meetings.
In his latest blog, Zack Oakey, MD, writes why he now believes OD-performed procedures should not be legal.
News of Ebola found in a survivor’s eye has prompted a warning to ophthalmologists when performing surgeries on those who’ve been inflicted by the deadly virus.
In the United States, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development projects the 2.5% annual growth for the next 20 years will fall to 1.8% as the bodies of U.S. workers—marinating in glucose—accomplish less and fail...
Everything physicians need to know about where personalized lenses are headed
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An updated analysis from cataract surgeons at Kaiser Permanente Northern California again shows the benefit of intracameral antibiotic use for reducing the rate of postoperative endophthalmitis.
Postoperative infections with ocular surgeries may be reduced substantially by effectively treating active ocular disease in advance before the patient enters the operating room.
When weighing the decision to adopt minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) into their practice, several advantages may support surgeons’ rationale, according to Richard A. Lewis, MD.
Measles has long been one of the leading causes of childhood blindness worldwide, but with the recent U.S. outbreak—due to a decrease in vaccination compliance for the disease—many parents nationwide are growing concerned. While there...

6 steps to more effective staff meetings
6 steps to more effective staff meetings

In her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, offers a 6-step plan to rid your office of boring, pointless meetings.

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