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Lynda Charters
Surgical techniques yield less change after phacoemulsification
A lower aspiration flow rate and lower bottle height result in better outcomes after phacoemulsification.
Liquid bandage seals incisions
A hydrogel liquid ocular bandage, designed to seal corneal incisions after cataract surgery, provided a smooth, soft, and transparent protective barrier film that may improve wound integrity and closure and did not decrease best-corrected visual acuity.
Outcome for patients with keratoconus includes better vision
Simultaneous topography-guided PRK with collagen crosslinking seems to offer promising early results for patients with keratoconus who are contact lens tolerant.
Crosslinking effective for progressive keratoconus
Transepithelial crosslinking is effective for increasing the best-corrected visual acuity and reducing the corneal curvature in patients with progressive keratoconus, but it is not as effective as results reported previously. Epithelial debridement might not be necessary to the success of the procedure.
Small incision may not be optimal in wound integrity
An ultra-small cataract incision size might not be optimal to maintain wound integrity.
Presbyopia: Strategies in use
A number of procedures are available to address presbyopia, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
Microincisional vitrectomy surgery targets macular disease
Microincisional vitrectomy surgery using 23- and 25+-gauge instrumentation enhances the surgical management of complex macular pathologies.
Intraocular lenses ease kids' problems
Monofocal IOLs provide good distance and near visual acuities of about 20/40 or better for pediatric patients when the targeted vision is within 1 D of emmetropia.
Tubing enhances phaco
Enhanced low-compliance tubing on a proprietary phaco platform may help to increase vacuum limit safely and allow the surgeon to lower the bottle height or decrease the incision size with greater stability and safety without reduced ergonomic convenience.
UV/Riboflavin crosslinking procedure triggers haze
The UV + riboflavin crosslinking procedure triggers the development of mild stromal haze in rabbit corneas, but it is not because of myofibroblast generation,a s it is for late haze after PRK.


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