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Nancy Groves
Add-on module enhances diagnostic accuracy in glaucoma
Add-on module enhances diagnostic accuracy in glaucoma
A new add-on glaucoma module has the capability of creating an anatomic map of each patient’s eye by using two fixed landmarks. The module also includes an extensive reference data base.
Sustained-release dexamethasone depot effective in lowering fluorescein staining
A dropless option for steroid therapy showed encouraging results in a phase II safety and efficacy study in patients with inflammatory dry eye disease.
Novel device provides rapid measure of tear osmolarity
A new handheld, tear osmolarity device could enhance the convenience and reliability of dry eye screening and monitoring and be more affordable for many practices.
What ophthalmologists need to know about diabetes
The increasing prevalence of diabetes, which implies a rise in the number of cases of diabetic retinopathy, suggests that ophthalmologists need to ensure their knowledge of this disease is up-to-date. Hazy memories of a long-ago medical school lecture from an endocrinologist or the guidelines in an outdated textbook are inadequate given changes in the understanding of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and especially the treatment of diabetes.
Handheld device offers early screening of amblyopia
Handheld device offers early screening of amblyopia
A new handheld pediatric vision scanner can detect amblyopia and strabismus with over 90% accuracy. The device can be used to screen children too young to read or recognize letters as well as those of school age since the only requirements are to sit still for a few seconds and look at a smiley-face target in the machine.
Exploring link between sleep habits, dry eye
Exploring link between sleep habits, dry eye
Sleep position may be correlated with the severity of dry eye symptoms, suggests a new study.
Novel forceps design improves iris hook placement
New forceps designed by Lawrence Goldberg, MD, improve the technique for iris hook placement due to two-point fixation.
Slit beam enhances visualization with corneal opacities
A tool found in every ophthalmologist’s office, the slit beam, can also be used to enhance visualization during cataract surgery in patients who have corneal opacities.
Tablet-based tests putting detection of glaucoma at hand
An iPad-based quick contrast sensitivity test had similar sensitivity and specificity to frequency-doubling technology.
IL-1 receptor inhibitor fails on ocular itching endpoint
Isunakinra, an interleukin-1 signaling inhibitor designed for topical ophthalmic administration, did not meet the primary endpoint in a phase III clinical trial for the treatment of moderate-to-severe allergic conjunctivitis.


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