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Nancy Groves
Portable device offers rapid high-definition meibomian gland imaging
Portable device offers rapid high-definition meibomian gland imaging
A new compact, portable device for rapid, high-definition meibomian gland imaging (LipiScan, TearScience) is an efficient screening tool for patients with complaints of dry eye and/or candidates for surgical procedures in which pre-existing dry eye could affect outcomes.
Alcaftadine superior in reducing itching from grass, tree pollens
Alcaftadine ophthalmic solution 0.25% was superior to olopatadine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 0.2% in reducing the itching related to grass and tree pollens in a multicenter, randomized study in subjects with allergic conjunctivitis.
Ultrasound device capable of precise imaging, biometry of eye
Early results from a repeatability and reproducibility study of a precision ultrasound device indicate the anterior segment imaging device can provide unique measurements on the cornea and will have multiple applications in the future.
4 biomarkers may improve Sjögren's syndrome treatment
Research on the composition of tears and their secretory processes is generating insights that may lead to earlier detection and treatment of Sjögren’s syndrome.
Managing the needs of female patients
Optometrists can play key roles in women’s health, especially in macular degeneration and obesity. Include a conversation about cosmetic use in discussions with female patients as well.
How pregnancy can affect Sjögren’s ectopic lymphoid structures
Research in an animal model has shown that pregnancy can increase accumulation and activation of cells and functions associated with ectopic lymphoid structures (ELS) in Sjögren’s syndrome.
How to identify ocular cancer
Optometrists in a practice unaffiliated with a tertiary care center will rarely see patients ocular cancer, a disease that is both sight threatening and life threatening. Because it’s impossible to predict who will walk through your door, it’s necessary to remain vigilant for signs of ocular melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, ocular lymphoma and leukemia, as well as cancers that have metastasized to the eye.
Pediatric glaucoma can have impact beyond clinical effects
After childhood glaucoma has been treated, ophthalmologists expect to follow patients for years, monitoring them for a host of anatomical problems that can affect their vision.
How diabetes affects contact lens wear
Mass media and medical publications have been warning for years that the incidence of diabetes is rising rapidly and predicting a “health catastrophe” in which more than 10 percent of the U.S. population would be living with this disease.
Mild corticosteroids may reduce Sjögren’s inflammation
A mild topical corticosteroid may be effective in treating the symptoms of Sjögren’s disease without causing the adverse effects associated with higher-dose steroids. Findings from a pilot study also suggest that ocular surface metrology is useful in evaluating the effects of the steroid.


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