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Nancy Groves
Improving glaucoma patient adherence with social media
Social media platforms are popular, multiplying, and potentially a way to reach patients with reliable information that could help build doctor-patient relationships and improve adherence to glaucoma medication.
Upgrades to laser cataract surgery platform streamline treatment process
Upgrades to a laser cataract surgery platform include features such as high-resolution video screening images that improve efficiency. In addition, a new interface with a smaller suction ring diameter expands the number of people who are candidates for laser cataract surgery.
How single-use diagnostic lenses yield multiple benefits for clinics
Single-use lenses for anterior segment lasers may reduce the risk of disease transmission and eliminate reductions in optical quality that occur over time with reusable lenses.
New drug aims to treat intraoperative miosis, reduce pain
A recently approved intracameral phenylephrine and ketorolac 1%/0.3% product is expected to produce better surgical outcomes following cataract surgery or IOL replacement by preventing miosis and reducing intraoperative pain.
How three-step approach eases consult with new chronic dry eye patients
To make the most of the limited time for seeing patients, it helps to structure visits for dry eye disease following a plan that addresses diagnosis, testing, education, and treatment, but also taps technology to improve efficiency and help patients find reliable information.
Cultures in evaluating donor corneal tissue for transplant
A small study of donor corneal tissues has shown that positive sputum cultures prior to death are not correlated with positive graft cultures after preparation. Despite the presence of low levels of various pathogens, no growth was found in any bacteria or fungus rim cul-tures.
Recording, viewing devices enhance surgical workflow
The combination of camera and recorder products is designed to capture and record ophthalmic procedures for an enhanced surgical workflow.
Survive or thrive: Making EHR work in the practice
Implementing and maintaining an electronic health record system requires constant auditing and training, but it can also improve efficiency throughout the practice.
Low use of herpes zoster vaccine raises concerns
Ophthalmologists in support of routine vaccinations for herpes zoster (shingles) can take steps to offer their older patients more protection against the ocular complications of the disease.
Updated computer-animated model elevates understanding of accommodation, presbyopia
A new version of a model of the mechanism of accommodation—showing how anatomic structures interconnect—enhances understanding of zonular architecture.


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