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Cheryl Guttman Krader
Improved implant eases surgery
Results of a preclinical study demonstrate the feasibility of implanting a next-generation injectable version of a telescope prosthesis for end-stage macular degeneration and suggest it has promising advantages for improving surgical ease and safety.
Intraocular lens yields good functional results
Results of defocus curve testing in eyes with a refractive multifocal IOL implanted as part of a prospective, multicenter comparative trial are better for the +3-D near-add version of the lens compared with the +4-D near-add platform with regard to intermediate visual acuity.
Factor in corneal astigmatism
Refractive outcomes with toric IOL implantation can be improved by taking into account the astigmatism of both the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea.
Quandary: wave-front guided with low higher-order aberrations?
Leading refractive surgeons agree wavefront-guided ablation is a significant advance in laser vision correction, but have different opinions about its role in treating myopic eyes with low higher-order aberrations.
Protection an elusive goal
Many agents have been investigated in clinical trials for neuroprotection in glaucoma, but none has proven efficacy, and so IOP control continues to be the mainstay strategy for preventing glaucoma progression.
Etiology determines intraocular pressure treatment
Understanding the cause of elevated IOP in patients with uveitis is the basis for developing a rational treatment plan.
American Societry of Cataract and Refractive Surgery exchange
As outgoing president of the ASCRS, Edward J. Holland, MD, can be recognized for a number of accomplishments and the introduction of several new initiatives.
FDA Oks new inidication for iFS femtosecond laser
On April 20, Abbott Medical Optics announced that it had received FDA clearance for use of the 150-kHz iFS advanced femtosecond laser to create arcuate incisions during corneal surgery, including cataract surgery.
Creative solutions applied to reconstructive challenges
Despite the availability of a number of tried and true procedures for reconstructing the anophthalmic socket, in certain difficult cases, oculoplastic surgeons may find it is necessary to “think outside the orbit,” said John Ng, MD, MS.
Novel technique facilitates graft preparation
A modified surgical technique for centering the optical core within the donor graft used in a Boston Type I Keratoprosthesis (Boston KPro) is an easy-to-learn alternative that seems to allow for reproducible centration of the donor assembly.


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