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Cheryl Guttman Krader
In contact: Opportunities provided by contact lens fitting not to be ignored
A review of the current landscape and look to the future identifies multiple reasons why contact lens fitting should be part of a comprehensive ophthalmology practice.
Iontophoresis: A new use
Results of a preclinical pilot study demonstrate ocular iontophoresis accelerates transfer of topically applied riboflavin into the cornea.
Bandage seals incisions
Intraoperative application of a proprietary in situ gel-forming hydrogel to the sutured conjunctival-limbal incision is safe and shows promise as an effective "bandage" for preventing early postoperative wound leaks in eyes undergoing fornix-based trabeculectomy surgery.
Process of aqueous outflow uses unifying concept
A new paradigm of aqueous outflow positing that it is a dynamic, pump-like process regulated through pulsatile mechanisms provides a conceptual framework unifying structure and function throughout the entire trabecular meshwork in both health and disease.
Structural data may signal glaucoma
Analyses of data from baseline structural imaging studies performed in two large prospective, observational glaucoma cohort trials suggest inter-eye asymmetry in optic disc topography parameters and average retinal nerve fiber layer thickness may provide an additional tool to identify eyes with early signs of glaucoma.
Evaluation helps presbyopia-correcting IOL complaints
An algorithmic approach to problem solving for patients who are dissatisfied after implantation of presbyopia-correcting IOLs aims to streamline identification of the etiology of the visual complaints and implementation of a successful solution, said Parag Majmudar, MD.
No-flap surgery for myopia
Refractive lenticule extraction performed using a proprietary femtosecond laser platform is a safe and effective minimally invasive technique for correcting myopia and astigmatism.
Platform procures precision
Using a femtosecond laser to create the capsulotomy results in an incremental, but statistically significant, improvement in the accuracy of refractive outcomes after cataract surgery.
Technology poised for next level
Femtosecond laser-assisted procedures continue to be a focus of attention in cataract surgery as manufacturers and surgeons aim to elevate efficacy and safety outcomes to a higher level.
Procedure extends microincisional cataract surgery
Early experience with sub-1-mm cataract surgery performed using a currently available femtosecond laser platform demonstrates the feasibility of the procedure.


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