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Cheryl Guttman Krader
Expanded analysis confirms intracameral antibiotic for reducing endophthalmitis
Expanded analysis confirms intracameral antibiotic for reducing endophthalmitis
An updated analysis from cataract surgeons at Kaiser Permanente Northern California again shows the benefit of intracameral antibiotic use for reducing the rate of postoperative endophthalmitis.
Novel anti-VEGF agent approved in China may reduce injection frequency
Conbercept is an anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) drug approved for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration in China. Compared with agents used in the United States, it has a higher binding affinity, lower VEGF dissociation rate, and longer clearance time.
Single-port PPV allows safe phaco in crowded anterior chamber
In crowded eyes, removal of vitreous through a one-port pars plana vitrectomy is the only viable strategy to deepen the anterior chamber and allow safe phacoemulsification, according to R.J. Mackool Jr., MD.
Knowledge of VMT natural history leads to better understanding of evolution
More information is needed to understand the natural history of vitreomacular adhesion/vitreomacular traction and risk of progression to clinically significant vitreomacular traction.
Posterior segment endoscopy brings unique views for diagnosis
Endoscopy can be valuable in identifying and addressing problems in the posterior segment.
Real-world setting proving positive for intravitreal implant for DME
One center’s initial post-marketing experience with the fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0.19 mg demonstrates favorable outcomes and good patient acceptance.
Topical epithelial sodium channel blocker targets ocular surface hydration
A topical epithelial sodium channel blocker is being investigated in a phase I/IIa clinical trial as a novel treatment for dry eye disease.
Novel dexamethasone punctum plug for ocular allergy shows promise
A novel dexamethasone-eluting punctum plug was safe and showed some evidence of efficacy for relieving signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis in a phase II study.
U.S. surgeons anticipate new IOLs
With a wide array of IOL options available to their foreign colleagues, U.S. ophthalmologists eagerly await the approval and availability of additional lenses.
New vitrectomy technologies advance precision, efficiency during surgery
A retina specialist explains why vitrectomy surgery is safer and more efficient using a new ultra-high-speed vitrectomy cutting probe combined with 27+ gauge instrumentation.


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