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Ron Rajecki
Radiotherapy system receives CE mark extension
A proprietary radiotherapy system (IRay, Oraya Therapeutics) used to treat exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) now also may be used to treat choroidal metastases following a CE mark extension.
Comparing anti-VEGFs for DME
In a 1-year comparison of intravitreous aflibercept, bevacizumab and ranibizumab therapy for centre-involved DME, aflibercept was more effective at improving vision among patients who started treatment at lower levels of visual acuity.
Lens opacity AREDS score predicts progression
Researchers using the AREDS lens grading scale have found that long-term clinically relevant outcomes can be predicted by 2-year changes in severity of lens opacities.
Capsulotomy triggers prostaglandin release in FLACS
Anterior capsulotomy triggers an increase of prostaglandins in the aqueous humour immediately after FLACS, according to researchers from Ruhr University Eye Hospital, Bochum, Germany.
Stem cells from teeth may restore sight
In a study in mice, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrated that stem cells harvested from extracted teeth could potentially be used to restore sight.
NICE gives aflibercept provisional green light for DME
NICE has released a draft decision recognizing the benefits of aflibercept solution for injection for the majority of patients with visual impairment caused by DME.
Low copay of generic PGA may improve adherence
In patients taking PGAs for glaucoma, adherence to therapy may increase with the prescription of generic latanoprost, which has a lower copay than brand-name PGAs, according to a new study published online.
Triamcinolone affects OCT reflectivity in DME
Patients who receive triamcinolone acetonide treatment for DME demonstrate changes in OCT reflectivity in their foveal cystoid spaces that are associated with a rebound in macular thickening and visual deterioration.
Venturi vacuum better than peristaltic during phaco
When performing phacoemulsification, using a venturi-based vacuum may result in reduced clearance time of lens material compared to a peristaltic-based vacuum, according to new research.
Lens extraction should be considered for PACG
Lens extraction for PACG results in good long-term control of IOP, and should be considered among the armamentarium of approaches to treat PACG.


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