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Ron Rajecki
Method helps identify preperimetric glaucoma
The Random Forests machine learning method is a useful tool to help ophthalmologists distinguish between the visual fields (VFs) of individuals with healthy eyes and those with preperimetric open-angle glaucoma (OAG) in which glaucoma will manifest, according to research from Japan.
Fs-laser safe for capsulotomy creation
Anterior capsulotomies may be created safely and efficaciously using a femtosecond laser system (Catalys Precision Laser System, Abbott Medical Optics), according to a study published online in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery.
New mobile device aims to supplement patient office visits
CheckedUp, a mobile health platform being tested at a number of sites nationwide, is designed to supplement cataract patients’ office visits by providing ongoing customized education and communication throughout the care process.
Study finds daily multivitamin use may reduce cataract risk
A randomized, double blind study of physicians who took part in the Physicians’ Health Study II found that those who received a daily multivitamin had a 9% lower risk of cataract — and a 14% lower risk of nuclear cataract— than those who received placebo. Given the prevalence of cataracts in the population at large, a 9% reduction in risk could have a significant public health impact.
Patients more likely to abandon e-prescriptions than paper
Patients are significantly more likely to abandon at the pharmacy prescriptions submitted electronically than those dropped off in person, according to the results of a study appearing in the November 16 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.
Generic drug market strong through 2015
The generic market is likely to remain very strong between now and 2015, but the combination of healthcare reform and a lack of significant drugs coming off patent means that the outlook between 2015 and 2020 is murkier.
Generic drugs gain acceptance
There are some big names among the brand drugs that have recently come off patent and joined the burgeoning generics market.
Drug Topics' 2010 pharmacists salary survey
In a down economy where many people are out of work, out of benefits, and out of luck, pharmacists can be thankful that their profession generally offers good compensation and benefits, job security, and respect.
Drug Topics' 2010 business outlook survey
Respondents to this year's business outlook survey are generally upbeat about the business their pharmacies are doing and their prospects for the coming year.


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