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Arthur De Gennaro
The ‘art’ of the optical deal
The ‘art’ of the optical deal
A visit to two innovative optical shops reveals differing portraitures of providing better customer experience and increasing capture rate.
How to effectively handle dispensary complaints
Having a clear understanding of expectations from optical dispensary consumers is key to being able to resolve complaints.
Is your dispensary’s return policy hurting business?
Various components of a dispensary’s return policy— time, refund, restyling, and scope— can make or break the success of sales.
Making the case for computer lenses
A knowledgeable optician is obviously an asset to an ophthalmology practice that is wanting to make computer lenses available to a greater number of its appropriate patients.
What makes a good optical manager?
When vetting candidate for an optical manager position, it is often more important to identify managers with the right leadership profile than those with technical competence.
7 steps to boost optical revenue
Following specific steps in the retail-selling process will increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase.
How the right closing statement can turn optical shopper into buyer
In the closing statement, the optician uses one of any number of techniques in the hope that the customer agrees to make the purchase.
How to overcome the optical shopper's objection
How to overcome the optical shopper's objection
Overcoming objections is one of the most difficult techniques for opticians (and most salespeople) to master.
The trial close: When to ask for the sale in the optical dispensary
The successful optician must have the ability to recognize the signs that a prospective shopper is ready to become a buyer of optical products.
What’s your pricing strategy?
In the optical dispensaries of many ophthalmology practices, there exists a problem: deciding the pricing strategy.


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