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Peter J. McDonnell, MD
He is director of The Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, and chief medical editor of Ophthalmology Times.
As humans, it's common to hate to wait
Most of the author's physician friends hate to wait, and he admits he belongs to the same cadre of impatient physicians.
Socializing is still a preferred activity
The privilege of interacting face-to-face doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.
Author cites a journal article that you can't miss
It is rare that a paper in a medical or scientific journal totally grabs the author's attention.
Facing life as we know it
The author muses on how the government's massive debt is leading federal leaders to desire to control the healthcare system.
Reflecting on oft-confused glaucoma terms
The worst kind of medical journal articles to read are the boring ones, according to the author.
The dismal science
The author reflected on government spending on job creation.
What's coming in 2010?
Read a reprinted column from late 2009.
Let's let Ronald live on
The author takes on the critics of good ol' Rnnald McDonald.
Medicaid: Delivering medical services to aging population
States spend more money on Medicaid than everything else except education, and they can't afford it any more.
Have you been served? The downside of customer service
The author takes the view that physicians really don't have to do many extras to meet customers expectations.


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