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Peter J. McDonnell, MD
He is director of The Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, and chief medical editor of Ophthalmology Times.
What's coming in 2010?
Read a reprinted column from late 2009.
Let's let Ronald live on
The author takes on the critics of good ol' Rnnald McDonald.
Medicaid: Delivering medical services to aging population
States spend more money on Medicaid than everything else except education, and they can't afford it any more.
Have you been served? The downside of customer service
The author takes the view that physicians really don't have to do many extras to meet customers expectations.
'Review targets meibomian gland dysfunction
The author discusses how MGD is a major source of morbidity and decreased quality of life for patients.
On a serious note: Discussing end-of-life care
If we can help our patients understand the wisdom of leaving a written record of their desires should they suffer severe medical setbacks, they might avoid the problems that can occur from having their health care guided by presumably well-meaning family members who might be educationally or emotionally ill-equipped to make sound decisions.
Pondering rhetorical devices such as "with all due respect"
The author reflects, lightheartedly, on our overuse of cliches.
Focus on reducing medical errors
The author tackles the issue of medical errors from a unique perspective.
Jobs in a down economy
The author says that is is a source of pride and relief that, in the middle of the recession, his son recently became a gainfully employed citizen and taxpayer.
Student loans: A good thing?
The author analyzes the plight that student loans present in today's society.


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