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Peter J. McDonnell, MD
He is director of The Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, and chief medical editor of Ophthalmology Times.
Viewpoint: Wearing clothes that favor function
These days, we in the medical profession are devoting considerable attention to fashion.
Viewpoint: Gift-giving guidelines
A season of gift-giving has concluded. At some point in this coming year, you, Dear Ophthalmology Times reader, will need to select the right gift for that "special someone."
Viewpoint: Pondering getting rich (and thin)
A few years ago, I reached the age that men reach when they can no longer eat whatever they want and stay the same weight and remain fit.
Viewpoint: Key is learning to be successful wherever you land in your profession
Good physicians can serve their patients best by adopting behaviors that might be different from their normal attributes in the rest of their lives.
Viewpoint: Editor's efforts fall short of Nobel prize material
For me, 2009 will go down as a year of disappointment.
Viewpoint: Reflecting on good luck charms
Many men Dr. McDonnell's age become attached to certain items of clothing.
Viewpoint: Staff retention is addressed
My friends in practice tell me that the starting pay packages being offered to ophthalmologists right out of training are becoming more modest.
On the horns of an ethical dilemma
In this editorial, explore a discussion of meeting presentations on subjects rarely addressed by physicians in public.
Viewpoint: How to break bad news positively
Sometimes in practice, we may see someone for whom we can offer no cure.
Knowledge is good
In this editorial, one movie teaches two people life lessons about trust and money. These issues also seem to be the center of debate about the U.S. health care system.


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