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Laird Harrison
Electroretinography detects early glaucoma signs
Lesions appear in both outer and inner retinal layers in the early onset of glaucoma, with the most pathological change in neurophysiological processes affecting the photoreceptors cells of the outer layer. Such findings could aid in early diagnosis of the disease.
Does multispot photocoagulation interfere with driving?
Single-spot lasers used in photocoagulation usually deliver about 100 milliseconds of laser energy in a single burn. Although effective, they can cause peripheral visual field loss affecting the patient’s ability to drive.
Acanthamoeba contact lens danger analysed
Despite frequent disregard of contact lens hygiene recommendations and an abundance of Acanthamoeba spp. in local drinking water, contact lens wearers in Madrid, Spain, appear to be avoiding keratitis, researchers say.
Eye diseases take increased toll in Ukraine
A growing number of people in Ukraine are becoming visually disabled due to eye disease, according to researchers.
Why recalibration for EKR devices may be crucial
Further calibrations for the equivalent keratometry readings (EKR) obtained by the Pentacam High Resolution (HR) (Oculus, Germany) should be conducted before they are used for total corneal power assessment in post-LASIK eyes, researchers said.
New mosaic retinitis pigmentosa mutation reported
Investigators in Israel have discovered a retinitis pigmentosa-causing mutation for which unaffected individuals can be mosaic, followed by autosomal dominant inheritance in successive generations.
Importance of macular degeneration declining in England and Wales
Macular degeneration and diabetes appear to be playing smaller roles in sight impairment in England and Wales, according to the National Institutes for Health Research (NIHR).
Genetic mutation findings in Spanish retinitis pigmentosa
New findings about a genetic mutation could lead to better clinical management and genetic counselling of families susceptible to retinitis pigmentosa, researchers said.
Diabetic retinopathy and macular oedema increase in Spain
Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema are both increasing in Spain, especially among relatively young people, researchers said.
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in Scotland
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in Scotland
Despite predictions that the prevalence of APACG, a leading cause of blindness, is set to rise worldwide, some authors have reported a decline in certain countries.


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