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Laird Harrison
Vision problems affecting English children’s literacy
Reductions in vision correlate with lower literacy scores on standardised tests, a new study showed.
Ranibizumab proves effective for DMO in NHS clinics
Patients treated for diabetic macular oedema with ranibizumab in the UK National Health Service (NHS) are getting benefits similar to those seen in clinical trials, according to a new study
Aflibercept DME superiority diminishes in second year
Aflibercept remains superior to bevacizumab after 2 years of treating patients with poor baseline visual acuity (VA) caused by diabetic macular edema (DME), but it loses its edge over ranibizumab, researchers said.
Updated classification gives order to corneal dystrophy
Updated classification gives order to corneal dystrophy
An updated classification of corneal dystrophies will help clinicians with properly differentiating and naming the disorders.
Systemic implications highlighted in retinal tumor findings
Retinal tumors have taken on a new importance because of links to systemic disease, according to Carol Shields, MD. Through these links, specialists are improving the diagnosis and treatment of retinal tumors. Dr. Shields highlighted astrocytic hamartoma, retinoblastoma, and retinal capillary hemangiomoblastoma.
Inexpensive laser pointers a threat to eyesight
Some laser pointers available for less than €20 exceed the legal limits on their power by as much as 127 fold, according to Australian researchers. They have called on regulators to consider a ban on green laser pointers.
Postop keratometry not associated with night-vision problems
Postop keratometry not associated with night-vision problems
Researchers present findings from a large dataset designed to explore the effect of postoperative keratometry on quality of vision after myopic wavefront-guided LASIK.
Researchers glimpse Parkinson’s in rats’ eyes
Retinal changes might serve as a marker for Parkinson’s disease, an experiment in mice suggests. And the therapy also points to a potential treatment.
Biosimilar for ranibizumab clears hurdles in India
Intas Pharmaceuticals of Ahmedabad, India, seems to have overcome the manufacturing problems that led to ocular inflammation in 10% of the patients injected with the first three batches of razumab, a biosimilar for ranibizumab, according to two ophthalmologists who have administered the drug.
Glare behind computers activates neck muscles
Reading a computer screen with background glare can affect muscles not only in the eyes but also the neck.


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