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Nancy Groves
Coin-sized retina scanner targets improved diagnosis
By shrinking the core technology of optical coherence tomography to the size of a coin—and reducing its cost—a team of European scientists hopes to improve early diagnosis and screening of retinal diseases.
Yin and yang of opioid growth regulatory system focuses on diabetes
Research supports the hypothesis that manipulation of the opioid growth regulatory system can restore function and normalize corneal epithelial wound healing, corneal sensitivity, and tear production in models of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Contrast sensitivity metrics extend beyond measure of vision
Contrast sensitivity is a more valuable metric than many ophthalmologists realize, with applications in preoperative and postoperative management of corneal and refractive surgery patients and routine screening of patients’ quality of vision.
What phenylephrine/ketorolac injection means for preoperative cataract regimen
The approval of intracameral phenylephrine and ketorolac injection 1%/0.3% (Omidria, Omeros Corp.) could have implications for preoperative management and potentially postoperative management as well, according to John R. Wittpenn, MD, Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island. While the FDA study evaluated pain and maintenance of pupillary dilation pertaining to intraoperative use of Omidria, the findings hint at additional benefits.
EDI-OCT aids in glaucoma imaging
Focal lamina cribrosa defects were highly correlated with glaucomatous structural and functional damage in an evaluation performed with EDI-OCT.
IIH mechanisms clarified
To clarify whether total intracranial CSF volume increases in IIH, researchers prospectively studied MRI-derived measures of total cranial, ventricular, and extraventricular CSF volumes in patients with IIH and controls. Results showed that the extraventricular CSF space was significantly greater in the patient group versus the controls. The ventricular volume was the same between the two groups.
Eye movement affects glaucomatous vision
Certain eye movement patterns seem to be associated with better face recognition performance in patients with central glaucomatous visual field loss.
Retinal prosthesis on track for further testing
The 256+ channel Boston subretinal prosthesis is on track for in vivo validation of function and an FDA investigational device exemption application.
Earlier intervention more effective
Many ophthalmologists may be dropping the ball when treating moderate dry eye, which could result in progression to more severe stages of disease.
Integrin peptide therapy on horizon
Integrin peptide therapy is an emerging new class of treatment for neovascular eye diseases, such as wet age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, and macular edema due to retinal vein occlusion.


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