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Fred Gebhart
Diabetic retinopathy debate resurfaces with new perspectives
The debate over pharmacologic therapy versus laser treatment for diabetic eye disease is back. The players are different–anti-VEGF agents and panretinal laser photocoagulation instead of anti-VEGF agents and macular laser photocoagulation.
Dry eye diagnostic shows early promise, points to influential factors
Dry eye diagnostic shows early promise, points to influential factors
This multi-assay test shows high sensitivity and predictive value, which can help distinguish inflammatory dry eye from other types of the condition.
Exploring balance of controlling inflammation, IOP in uveitis
Clinicians need to weigh such factors as inflammation and IOP in determining when steroid therapy is beneficial in uveitic glaucoma.
Do more anti-VEGF injections lead to better clinical outcomes?
The appropriate use of agents that inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) can bring significant improvements to both short-term and long-term visual acuity for patients with neovascular AMD.
IOL centration stable 30 days after implantation, study confirms
Ophthalmologists spend significant amounts of time during cataract surgery trying to precisely center an implanted IOL to achieve the best possible vision after surgery. The high success rate of cataract surgery suggests that in most cases, they succeed.
Duke University researcher awarded 2016 Shaffer Prize
Stuart J. McKinnon, MD, PhD, was awarded the 2016 Shaffer Prize for Research for his project to determine whether therapies can be designed to module the immune system to prevent vision loss and blindness in patients with glaucoma.
How patient movement can interfere with femto laser-assisted cataract surgery
Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is a latest advance in technology that is transforming traditional cataract surgery into a refractive procedure. Multiple studies have shown that laser-assisted cataract surgery can increase precision and reproducibility of the anterior capsulotomy, reduce effective phacoemulsion time, cause less postoperative inflammation to the anterior chamber, and possibly reduce surgically-induced endothelial cell damage. However, it is discussed much less often that the safeguards built into FLACS instruments can fail and allow the femto laser grid pattern to be delivered into the cornea.
Be proactive to ensure a place for yourself with local ACOs
Ophthalmologists have a choice in dealing with accountable care organizations (ACOs). Take the initiative and work with ACOs, or ignore them, suggests one consultant.
Gene therapy new frontier for ocular disorders
Gene therapy new frontier for ocular disorders
The advent of gene therapy poses a new area of drug development for inherited and acquires ocular disorders.
Key strategies for treating postsurgical CME
Cystoid macular edema can permanently alter vision, so it is highly crucial to utilize best practices for treating the cataract surgery complication.


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