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Fred Gebhart
Gel stent brings new hope for early glaucoma patients
The initial 36-month results are highlighted from a novel, soft and permanent, minimally invasive ab interno collagen implant used to optimize aqueous drainage to the subconjunctival space.
The ups and downs of generic drugs
Generics are still a good deal. But as they reach their maximum saturation point, the deal is changing.
New technologies transform IOP monitoring, digital health
Intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring is based on fiction. Clinicians typically measure IOP over a single visit and extrapolate the value to the patient’s overall condition and the degree of control over their IOP. “New Horizons in IOP Monitoring and Digital Health” session showcased six companies trying to turn the IOP challenge into commercial success.
Sustained drug delivery moving toward clinical use
“New Horizons in Glaucoma Drug Delivery” session reviewed nine development programs. Some companies are focusing on micro- and nano-scale particles, others on gels and solid drug depots. All aim for controlled, steady state delivery over specific time periods to enhance drug delivery to the target tissue and improve therapeutic outcomes.
Innovation in glaucoma thriving
The glaucoma pharmaceutical sector alone is set to grow from $4 billion in 2013 to $5 billion by 2018. Innovation in glaucoma diagnosis and treatment is alive, well–and profitable. That was the upbeat report from Emmett Cunningham, Jr., MD, PhD, MPH, ophthalmologist and partner with venture capital firm Clarus Ventures, LLC.


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