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Fred Gebhart
Prevalence of diabetes on the rise among subpopulations
Prevalence of diabetes on the rise among subpopulations
Consider tailored approaches for health management
Transepithelial PRK safe, effective at one year
According to recent study results, transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy is a better alternative procedure than other refractive methods when treating myopia that involves epithelium mechanical manipulation.
Positive 2-year data on supraciliary micro-stent
Two-year results on the first ab interno micro-stent designed to drain into the suprachoroidal space show good efficacy and safety profiles.
New IOL may reduce opacification
The design of a new accommodating IOL shows promise in reducing the capsular bag opacification that can occur following cataract surgery.
California pharmacists win provider status
The law expands the powers of registered pharmacists and establishes a new category of Advanced Practice Pharmacists.
Hoffer H-5 formula explained
Physician claims new IOL power calculating formula gives more accurate measurements as it factors in gender-specific differences of the human eye.
Dealing with limbal stem cell deficiency
There are many causes of limbal stem cell deficiency and it is important to know how to recognize them and how to intervene.
Oregon Coordinated Care Organizations prove cost savings
Oregon is the first state to transfer Medicaid populations into accountable care.
Calculating IOL power for children
Determining the optimal IOL power for children is as much an art as a science.
Positive results for punctal plug trial
Bioabsorbable punctal plugs show significant clinical potential for intraocular drug delivery, according to clinical data from a proof-of-concept trial of intracanalicular plugs (Ocular Therapeutix).


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