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Fred Gebhart
Reviewing evidence in dry eye treatment
An update is provided on the latest developments for an evidence-based approach in mild to severe dry eye disease.
Patient satisfaction can help guide IOL selection
A patient satisfaction and quality-of-life survey found that three presbyopia-correcting IOLs provide better spectacle independence than monovision.
Endophthalmitis risk drops in intracameral antibiotics study
Universal use of intracameral antibiotics can nearly eliminate postoperative endophthalmitis, relates one ophthalmologist.
Injectable sustained release drug delivery shows promise
An injectable intraocular sustained release drug delivery system demonstrated favorable safety and efficacy results in a multicenter phase II clinical trial.
Automated IOL insertion in routine and complex cataract surgery
A one-handed IOL insertion device allows for smoother, less traumatic lens insertions even in difficult incisions and eyes.
Sustained delivery transforms glaucoma
Glaucoma treatment is poised to become a more interventional discipline with the introduction of sustained-release drug delivery devices.
Wavefront aberrometry can improve toric IOL outcomes
Using technology in place of conventional corneal measurements and nomograms for selection and placement of toric IOLs can improve patient outcomes.
OCT angiography measures ONH blood flow
An experimental OCT angiography system can image both surface and deep blood flow at the optical nerve head.
Point spread function could replace phoropters
Early reports are positive for point spread function technology, which is the latest in a long line of attempts to replace the phoropter for refraction.
Corneal topography shows its colors
Point source color LED topography has the potential to offer faster and more accurate corneal measurements than existing Placido disc or Scheimpflug imaging technology.


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