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John S. Grande, CFP
Why market timing cannot beat a disciplined strategy
If investors are not in the market when it begins to move up again, they may miss a large gain. It is virtually impossible to accurately enter at the top or bottom of the market, especially consistently.
Revisit your estate plan strategy
Understand whether the 2010 Estate and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Repeal means you would have to redo your will.
Finances: What you need to know about Exchange Traded Funds
An exchange-traded fund can offer an inexpensive way to diversify an investment portfolio.
Charitable contributions and estate planning re-evaluated
Many high-net-worth clients are finding themselves re-evaluating their annual charitable contributions as well as some of their estate planning goals as they concentrate on meeting their future retirement or current income needs. There are choices, however, that one can make depending on priorities and resources.


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