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Lynda Charters
‘Super formula’ maximizes accuracy for IOL powers
An IOL “super formula” may broaden the conceptual understanding of IOL calculations, improve clinical outcomes for patients, and stimulate further progress in IOL formula research.
Enhanced corneal smoothness may result in shorter recovery time of visual acuity
Proprietary technology enhances corneal smoothness that resulted in a shorter recovery time of the visual acuity, higher levels of postoperative visual quality, and shorter time to re-epithelialization.
Short Tag noose adjustable suture for adjustment after strabismus surgery
Now it may be easier than ever for strabismus surgeons to adopt adjustable sutures thanks to a short tag noose adjustable suture technique that allows for optional suture adjustment.
Math modeling may provide greater understanding of glaucoma risk
Low perfusion pressure is a risk factor for glaucoma. However, understanding the role of perfusion pressure in the disease must be clarified.
Ranibizumab provides solid safety, efficacy in real-world population
Treatment with ranibizumab is safe and efficacious for currently licensed indications, according to an interim analysis of data from the LUMINOUS Study.
Cerebrospinal fluid a major player in glaucoma?
Imbalance between IOP and cerebrospinal fluid pressure may influence the risk of normal-tension glaucoma or the susceptibility of the optic nerve to ocular hypertension.
Femtosecond cataract surgery addresses capsulotomy challenges in small pupils
The safety and efficacy of femtosecond laser cataract surgery was evaluated in a small series of patients with small pupils.
Anteronasal transposition: A new twist on the inferior oblique muscle
In patients with severe superior oblique palsy with a large degree of excyclotorsion, anteronasal transposition of the inferior oblique muscle can be considered as the primary procedure of choice.
Toric IOLs in abnormal corneas: How the two can work together
Premium IOLs can be used successfully in patients with corneal pathologies.
Novel imaging device helps physicians understand patient eye drop regimen
A novel imaging device is being tested for monitoring patients’ eye drop instillation techniques at home and in clinic.


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