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Lynda Charters
Microscope-integrated OCT provides 3-D images in real-time
Advances in imaging technology using swept-source microscope-integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) provides detailed and three-dimensional volume images in real time, which cannot be obtained with conventional spectral-domain intraoperative OCT systems.
Aflibercept performance consistent in DME regardless of prior anti-VEGF therapy
Outcomes from a study of intravitreal aflibercept were evaluated for patients with and without prior anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy for diabetic macular edema.
Refractive surgery screening devices valuable but not necessarily equal
Refractive surgery screening devices do not provide results that are interchangeable.
Effects of astigmatism greater on multifocals than monofocals IOLs
The effect of astigmatism varies with different factors and can affect patient satisfaction with multifocal or monofocal IOLs.
Micro-stent may be stand-alone option when topical glaucoma therapy fails
Supraciliary micro-stent implantation can serve as a safe and effective stand-alone treatment in patients refractory to topical glaucoma therapy.
Hydrogel punctal plugs safe, viable means for sustained drug delivery
Hydrogel punctal plugs may be a safe and viable method for delivery of anti-glaucoma drugs in the future.
Affordable Care Act: A work in progress
The Affordable Care Act continues to change and ophthalmology must change in order to adapt.
Managing mature white cataracts
The efficacy and safety of femtosecond laser for cataract surgery has been questioned—the presumption being that the technology will not be able to penetrate the opaque lens cataractous material, said Sudhank Bharti, MS.
Survey captures snapshot of astigmatism
The 2013 ASCRS Clinical Survey Results on Astigmatism—covering 168 data points with more than 1,000 physicians responding—showed that 57% of physicians saw benefits associated with femtosecond laser arcuate incisions compared with conventional manual incisions, according to John A. Vukich, MD.
Binkhorst Lecture: Right time for MIGS
Interventional glaucoma is the new horizon for patients. Microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)—a term coined by Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD—will allow for early intervention in patients with glaucoma and be safe and more effective than the medications and laser procedures used for so long with less efficacy.


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