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Cheryl Guttman
Suprachoroidal hemorrhage management centers on minimalist techniques
Suprachorodial hemorrhage can be managed effectively with a conservative approach, but if surgical intervention becomes necessary, timing is critical for optimizing the outcome and minimally invasive techniques can be considered, said John W. Kitchens, MD.
New products expand drug and device categories
The therapeutic armamentarium for dermatologic diseases continues to expand with the approval of several new products in 2015, and there appear to be more promising treatments on the horizon.
Differentiating and treating vascular lesions in kids
Sheila Fallon Friedlander, M.D. offers tips for therapeutic decision-making when managing children with vascular lesions. She references a classification tool to improve diagnostic accuracy and discusses uses for and cautions with PDL therapy.
Clinical trials validate broad-spectrum sunscreen efficacy; Be aware of lidocaine allergic contact dermatitis.


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