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Benjamin P. Casella, OD, FAAO
Dr. Casella, a 2007 graduate of University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, practices in Augusta, GA, with his father in his grandfather's practice.
Drance hemorrhages and quarterly optic disc evaluation
Not very long ago, a 55-year-old African-American female presented with complaints of redness in her right eye for one week’s duration with mild discomfort. Medical history was significant for arterial hypertension, which was reportedly controlled with an oral beta blocker.
Not knowing IOPs can make you a better clinician
With that in mind, there are several aspects of my own EHR software that I really appreciate over paper charts. Besides the fact that I can actually read what I wrote (or typed), one thing that I particularly enjoy is the fact that I am able to consistently look at a new patient’s optic nerves without knowing his or her intraocular pressure (IOP) values beforehand.
Is glaucoma a neurological disease?
For years now, there has been considerable evidence indicating that glaucoma should be considered a neurological disease and not an entity isolated to the eyes alone. Perhaps the most compelling evidence for such a characterization is the fact that the retinal ganglion cells affected by glaucoma do not synapse until they arrive at the midbrain (specifically, the lateral geniculate nucleus).
High IOP, corneal edema with unknown etiology
A few days ago, a 61-year-old white male presented with a gradual and painless loss of vision in his left eye.
Field defect, high IOP might not signal glaucoma
Glaucoma is a term that describes a family of progressive optic neuropathies. All of the glaucomas share characteristic and progressive cupping of the optic nerve head, and this cupping is most easily viewed by means of direct stereoscopic evaluation through a dilated pupil.
The importance of pachymetry and CCT
The importance of pachymetry and CCT
Reasons for thin CCT values as independent predictors of POAG have been relatively unclear, and there aren’t nearly as many studies concerning CCT as there are concerning risk factors such as IOP.
Bono says glaucoma is the reason for his trademark shades
Bono says glaucoma is the reason for his trademark shades
Bono, the iconic Irish rocker and front man for band U2, recently revealed on The Graham Norton Show that he does not wear his avant-garde designer shades for fashion alone.
Deciding between glaucoma or physiologic cupping
Big optic nerves make me feel good. I find them easier to evaluate, and I don’t get as worked up about their respective big optic cups.
Rethinking prostaglandin analogs side effects
I recently came across a journal publication describing a patient with Crohn’s disease and open-angle glaucoma.1 Essentially, the patient’s treatment with topical latanoprost was associated with an exacerbation of her Crohn’s disease.
Is the ISNT rule helpful?
Are there any absolute laws for glaucoma other than the broad few that govern its definition? Well, maybe not. Think about it. The word “typically” precedes much of what we say when we describe glaucoma outside of its definition. An example would be the fact that visual field loss is typically nasal at first. However, a temporal wedge defect may, at times, be the first defect to become manifest.


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