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Ernie Bowling, OD, MS, FAAO
Dr. Ernie Bowling is Chief Optometric Editor of Optometry Times. He received his Doctor of Optometry and Master of Science in Physiological Optics degrees from the UAB School of Optometry. Dr. Bowling is a Diplomate in the Primary Care Section of the American Academy of Optometry. He practices in Gadsden, AL.
Ensuring patient success with contact lenses
Contact lenses are a large part of any general eye care practice. It is one source of great pride and satisfaction when a patient new to contact lenses first sees clearly without his spectacles, and we all enjoy seeing that epiphany. Yet, like with all experiences, the new soon wears off, and those patients who started out with the best of intentions regarding their contact lens wear and care can slip into some not-so-healthy habits.
Google Glass: The next frontier?
I readily admit I am from another time, before cell phones and laptops. But not video games. I wore Pong out back in the day. Still, I think I have adapted reasonably well as an old curmudgeon to the available technology.
Bausch + Lomb introduces Ultra contact lens
I was fortunate to attend last week’s launch event for Bausch & Lomb’s new silicone hydrogel contact lens, Ultra. This unique entry into the silicone hydrogel line contains a formulation of three silicone molecules combined with a high PVP content and manufactured using MoistureSeal technology, yielding a contact lens with high oxygen transmissibility and low modulus.
An allergist talks allergy
An allergist talks allergy
Andrew M. Brown, MD, is an allergist and immunologist with 47 years of experience and practices in otolaryngology, allergy, and immunology, and has been in practice in Gadsden, AL for the last 40 years. He graciously took time from his extremely busy practice, the largest allergy practice in the area, to talk with me. I started with the question: What would you like to tell an in-the-trenches optometrist about allergy?
Of itching and watering and other things
This issue is our annual allergy issue. I’ve often joked that in the spring, a young man’s thoughts turns to love, while an old optometrist’s thoughts turns to ocular allergy. Treating our patients who present with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is a large part of a primary-care optometric practice, especially this time of year.
Diagnosing and managing ocular allergy
Ocular allergy is one of the most common ocular surface diseases seen in a primary eyecare practice. Allergic conjunctivitis (AC) often exists concurrently with rhinitis and asthma, and patients with allergic rhinitis frequently present with symptoms of AC. AC is often linked to allergic rhinitis and requires co-treatment.
Opinion: The unintended consequences of optometric board certification
The NBEO has made both an obvious and a very courageous decision to embrace its certification as board certification in general optometry. Obvious in that more than 10,000 ODs already represent themselves to be board certified by the NBEO to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) and subsequently to the health plans that rely on CAQH for credentialing. And it was courageous, as I’m certain the NBEO faced opposition to its action.
Optometrist, care for thyself
I know it is human nature to ignore our mortality. I also know running a small business like most of us do, we have our eyes on temporal problems: payroll, staff, insurance. All these little fires leave us with no time for other things, and what gets neglected most often is ourselves.
Infection control in the eyecare office
As eyecare professionals, we have an obligation to protect our patients and our staff from infection while in our offices.


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