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Ernie Bowling, OD, MS, FAAO
Dr. Ernie Bowling is Chief Optometric Editor of Optometry Times. He received his Doctor of Optometry and Master of Science in Physiological Optics degrees from the UAB School of Optometry. Dr. Bowling is a Diplomate in the Primary Care Section of the American Academy of Optometry. He practices in Gadsden, AL.
My Christmas wish list
Now that my children are grown and on their own, I'm thinking I want to harken back to earlier times and make a Christmas wish list. Not one for myself, as I could not ask for more, but a Christmas wish list for my colleagues and for my profession.
Dry eye and contact lens wear
Preventing CL dropouts can be a challenge with patients suffering from CLIDE. A number of factors, including the patient’s overall general health, the type of contact lens worn and solution interaction, among others, can influence the condition. Predicting which CL patients are more likely to develop dry eye helps you tailor management to the individual patient needs and set realistic patient goals for successful lens wear.
What about noncompliance?
I used to take noncompliance personally. I was failing my patients as their eye doctor. After all, it’s my job to explain the risks of contact lens wear and care non-compliance, and if my patients weren’t complying then I must be doing a poor job of communicating those risks. One of the many points I learned: It’s not my fault!
The American Academy of Optometry’s Diplomate Programs: Are you up to the challenge?
Chief Optometric Editor Ernie Bowling discusses the learning process that accompanies achieving Diplomate status in the American Academy of Optometry.
The cost of contact lens and lens care noncompliance
Contact lens and lens care compliance depends on patients following the doctor's recommendations, yet not all of what is imparted to patients is being followed. Diligence is the watchword, in both patient education and looking for contact lens complications from noncompliance in contact lens-wearing patients.
Energeyes will energize corporate optometry
Chief Optometric Editor Ernie Bowling discusses the newly formed association for Walmart and Sam's Club leaseholders.
Diagnosing, treating ocular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis
Optometrists need to understand RA and how to manage its ophthalmic impact on patients.
Thinking outside the box
Optometrists need to embrace the idea of caring for the whole person. As primary eyecare providers, optometrists are often the entry point into the healthcare system for many patients.


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