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Andrew G. Lee, MD
Is your clinic prepared for the next natural disaster?
When natural disasters strike, ophthalmologists can play a critical role in recovery through disaster response plans that maintain and restore clinic and hospital operations and provide outreach to the community.
Top 5 neuro signs never to ignore
Let’s examine case-based examples to emphasize the top five neuro-ophthalmic disorders that should not be overlooked.
Topical beta blocker for migraine treatment?
In order to test the authors intriguing hypothesis that topical beta blockers improve acute migraine we will need a well-designed, statistically valid, large sample size, randomized, double masked, placebo controlled, clinical trial that would have defined primary outcome measures as well as strict inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Palinopsia Peeking behind doors of visual perception, visual memory
Palinopsia can be broadly defined as the persistence or recurrence of an image after the stimulus has been removed. Formed, high-resolution afterimages are typically more alarming to patients than unformed, blurred afterimages.


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