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Vanessa Caceres
Fungal infections after keratoplasty on upswing
Post-keratoplasty fungal infections are becoming increasing more common, and the risk is significantly higher after DSEK compared with PK.
Does quality-of-life with DME therapies have a price?
In DME patients with worse baseline visual acuity, aflibercept and ranibizumab provided more of a quality-of-life improvement—yet aflibercept had an associated higher cost.
In-office treatments for MGD may provide relief
Surgeons have several in-office treatments available for meibomian gland dysfunction.
Weighing pros, cons of IOL implantation in pediatric cataract
Weighing pros, cons of IOL implantation in pediatric cataract
IOL implantation was associated with more inflammation and slightly more visual obscuration in 120 children age 2 or younger undergoing bilateral cataract surgery. However, the rate of glaucoma was similar compared with an aphakic group.
Retinal exam brings diabetic retinopathy screening to primary-care setting
A retinal exam system improves access for patients with diabetes to detect eye disease early and refers them to an eye-care specialist for further evaluation and treatment.
Even seasoned physicians can fall into cognitive bias traps
By staying aware of cognitive biases and combining intuitive thinking with critical/analytical thinking as well as good history taking, physicians can improve quality of care.
Tracking the best treatment for fungal keratitis
Natamycin appears to be the best treatment for fungal keratitis, whereas voriconazole is less effective and associated with more adverse effects.
Asking right questions leads to better headache diagnosis
Ophthalmologists can monitor the need for further headache evaluation and treatment with several simple question sets and a mnemonic.
OCT takes on evolving role in neuro-ophthalmology
Optical coherence tomography increasingly helps neuro-ophthalmologists to localize the location of damage, make a diagnosis, and assess treatment.
Customized IOL calculator helps cataract surgeons navigate lens choices
An IOL calculator must take into consideration the various challenges cataract surgeons face when making an IOL selection and be easily accessible.


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