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Dr Omid Kermani

Omid Kermani, MD is clinical lead at ocumax┬« Eye Laser Center, PAN Klinik, Cologne, Germany. Dr Kermani may be reached by E-mail: [email protected].

Dr Kermani serves as a member of Ophthalmology Times Europe's Editorial Advisory Board.

Eyes front
2009 heralded more interesting developments for ophthalmology. OTEurope asked some of Europe's leading key opinion leaders for their thoughts on the news and developments that generated most excitement or had most significance in the Cataract & Refractive sector
Should we be cutting a flap at all? YES
I do not believe that safe and effective SBK can be performed with a microkeratome.
Ultra thin-flap LASIK: how much better is it?
Although the incidence of post-LASIK ectasia is relatively low, the topic continues to be the focus of much debate.
Femto-LASIK: assessment after 12 months of clinical experience
Since we have been using the femtosecond laser, we have not had to fit a single therapeutic contact lens


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