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Mark Tomalla, MD
Mark Tomalla, MD works at the Clinic for Refractive and Ophthalmosurgery, Ev. u. Joh. Klinikum Niederrhein, Germany. He may be contacted by E-mail: [email protected]; Tel: +49 203 5081711; Fax: +49 203 5081713.
Accommodative IOL implantation: An expert's point of view
An interview with Dr Mark Tomalla about his experience with the Crystalens HD IOL.
The femtosecond laser in everyday clinical use
As a result of our excellent postoperative patient data in a variety of applications, we will continue to use the femtosecond laser technology in our practice. It supports our procedures with great precision and safety, it is easy to use and enables us to set new standards in our surgeries


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