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Victoria Farrell
Victoria Farrell is a freelance writer and the former associate editor of Ophthalmology Times Europe, and moderator of the OTE forum, European Ophthalmology.
The future of anti-VEGF
This article provides a brief overview of the outcomes of a webex meeting hosted by Novartis at SOE 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Options for treating advanced glaucoma
In this article, Prof. Bron discusses treatment considerations, advocating the treatment of the whole patient.
Diehl-Date-Miller nomogram for IOL power calculation
A retrospective study confirms the formula's accuracy in post-LASIK eyes
Monitoring glaucoma progression with SLP
SLP has excellent reproducibility and may be useful in monitoring glaucoma progression.
Dating with strabismus
Daniel Mojon studies how strabismus affects the sufferer's ability to find a romantic partner.
Comparing aspheric IOLs
George Beiko compares AMO's Tecnis and Alcon's IQ aspheric IOLs to establish which model provides the best vision.
Eye drops: a breakthrough in dry AMD treatment?
Paul Sternberg assesses the new approaches and exciting pipeline of potential dry AMD treatments.
Expanding our knowledge of dry AMD
Professor Scott Cousins explains how we can use our knowledge of drusen formation to find new ways to combat dry age-related macular degeneration.

2008: The Debates

A series of debates on the most relevant, and most controversial, topics in ophthalmology, in which today's most eminent ophthalmologists argue for the validity of their differing opinions and practices.
Artiflex Toric: will it hit the mark?
Promising early results indicate new phakic IOL could win the support of surgeons, according to Dr Camille Budo.


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