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Felicity Thomas
Toric IOL refractive surprises
Consideration of all the available options should be made to correct refractive surprises, emphasized Dr Noel Alpins (NewVision Clinics, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia) when speaking during the 'Assessment of Astigmatism' session at the 2013 ESCRS Congress.
Review of the year 2013: Retina 2013
2013 has been an important year in retina therapy, with increased information released on nutritional supplements for AMD patients, widened indications for anti-VEGFs and the approval of treatment for symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion.
ESCRS Preview
OTEurope reveals highlights from each day of the ESCRS Congress with the help of three EAB members.
ESCRS Showcase
A brief round up of some of the products that will be shocased during the ESCRS exhibition
RRD characteristics and visual outcomes
In this article, Mr Dogramaci highlights a recent study in which he and his colleagues examined the characteristics of RRD and the relationship these characteristics have on visual outcome.
Meeting Review
Ophthalmology Futures 2012 European Forum


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