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Donna Suter
Donna Suter is president of Suter Consulting Group.
How your nonverbal cues may be choking your practice
If you want to become a better communicator, it’s important to become more sensitive not only to the body language and nonverbal cues of others, but also to your own.
Is the world a better place because of your practice?
When Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream,” he had a vision for people, not a program. Visionary leaders have the ability to communicate values and ideas in a way that connects. In your practice, they bring certainty into the uncertain world of reimbursement rates and rapid change. What is your capacity to bring vision and direction into times of uncertainty?
Virtual eye health and vision examination: Why not?
We really are at a crossroads in eye healthcare. Wouldn’t a virtual exam be ‘just as good’ as a trip to the eye doctor? To today’s busy consumer, how can we justify leisurely sitting in front of a computer or in a kiosk versus an in-office visit that takes sixty plus minutes and includes that awkward part – dilation?
3 habits for successful time management
Change is an inside job. Are you unhappy with your practice’s growth? Take the often overlooked option of offensive time management. Actively shape your day by establishing what I like to call selective control.
Keys to finding balance in a successful practice
"How can I have a successful private practice and still ensure life balance?" In 2016, this is the question I hear most frequently. It should come as no surprise to you that busy eyecare practitioners need help with time management issues.
Are you a boss or a leader?
Managing your team was, and continues to be, the biggest challenge you ever faced.
Using measurement as the first step toward positive change
Don’t you love practice management software? Review the following categories and pick the one or two where your reports reveal you are most deficient and set improvement goals.
Tips for bringing your optical into the 21st century
Tips for bringing your optical into the 21st century
Your goal is to modernize the optical and bring it into the 21st century. It is important to manage all states of transition from the beginning, when opticians are experiencing a flood of conflicting emotions, through the confusion and learning curve, past the quitting and avoidance, and all the way to success.
How to create a happy patient
How to create a happy patient
Ever thought about conducting a practice-wide communication audit? Before you begin, it is important that everyone understand that this means taking a hard look at communication failures. The process can begin with documenting patient complaints.
Easy tips to converting to a paperless office
In her latest blog, Donna Suter gives advice on getting the whole office on board to transitioning into a paperless office.


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