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Michelle Dalton, ELS
Optimizing cataract outcomes when keratoconus is present
Optimizing cataract outcomes when keratoconus is present
Patients with keratoconus pose unique challenges with IOL calculations.
Improving IOL power calculations
An advanced, self-validating method is providing a new approach to IOL power selection, explains Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS.
Reducing pain during postop pediatric strabismus surgery
In a randomized study, patients receiving bupivocaine had lower pain scores than the control group in the first 30 minutes after surgery. However, other factors may also play a role.
Binkhorst Lecture: Predicting, treating keratoconus in 2016
The Binkhorst Lecture and Medal have been conferred since 1975 on “an individual whose career has made significant contributions to the science and practice of ophthalmology and established that person among the world’s most prominent ophthalmologists.”
Which is superior: LASIK or contact lenses?
Steven Dell, MD, and Steve Schallhorn, MD, compared the visual and subjective outcomes in patients who wear contact lenses with those who underwent wavefront-guided LASIK for the correction of myopia and astigmatism.
Treating all lenses equally
Intraocular lenses have come a long way in the 66 years since Harold Ridley first inserted one, said Alan Carlson, MD, professor of ophthalmology, Duke University, Durham, NC.
Rocket 2 meets safety endpoints for netarsudil
Netarsudil ophthalmic solution 0.02% q.d. maintained consistent IOP-lowering efficacy through 12 months for the Rocket 2 trial.
Using femtosecond lasers in eyes with previous surgery
Dr. Donaldson explains that prior corneal surgery does not necessarily indicate that FLACS would be ineffective. However, there are some immediate disqualifications to bear in mind.
Ethics involved in using anti-VEGFs for pediatric patients
Parents must be given a full understanding of the treatment risks and potential alternatives in pediatric ROP cases.
Pearls for managing tricky cataracts in post-vitrectomy eyes
Cataract surgery in the post-vitrectomized eye is considerably tricky but with some surgical experience and implementing some valuable pearls—including whether to hydrodissect or hydrodelineate—surgeons can avoid surprises, according to Bonnie An Henderson, MD.


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