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Claes Feinbaum
Claes Feinbaum is Professor Emeritus Optometry at the University of Rostock, Germany. He is an Optometric Consultant for Specspavers Sweden, and may be reached by E-mail: [email protected].
Tear volume – a neglected issue?
Dry eye disease is one of the most common conditions encountered by eye care professionals, yet measurement of tear volume remains difficult. A newly developed tool is reliable and straightforward to use.
Simple solution for presbyopia
A topical product (PresbiDrops, FEPASAET Group) that provides sustained pupil constriction can safely and effectively increase near and distance UCVA in properly selected presbyopic patients.
New treatment reduces corneal oedema after cataract surgery
The back layer of the cornea is made up of endothelial cells that keep the cornea clear. All cataract surgery does some damage to these cells, although due to the number of extra cells available in most corneas this damage doesn’t cause any problems. However, occasionally, post-cataract surgery endothelial cells don’t function well enough to keep the cornea clear, which can commonly cause corneal oedema. Here, Prof. Feinbaum describes a new treatment modality that has been designed to reduce and in most cases stop the oedema in 24–48 hours.
Contact induced dry eye
Understanding the problems of contact lens induced dry eye


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