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Dianna E. Graves, COMT, BS, Ed
Tears and drama not included: How to restructure clinic staff
When there is an important position needing to be filled, but every staff member is gunning for the job, how do you pick the best without hurting people’s feelings? Here are the 5 thoughts to remember before making that decision.
When is it okay to share a secret?
It is inevitable that your staff will develop secrets and gossip, so you must be aware of how to manage it and when you should step away because of ramifications from knowing what was said.
Focus on the people in patient care
People, whether they are the patients, co-workers, or just a stranger re-affirm why some people are still in the field of patient care. They give the opportunity to "care."
That's what you said last time!
Medical office staff has been taught that looking a patient in the eye and saying, "I'm sorry" can magically reverse whatever has made that patient upset. It was a great idea that has gone terribly awry. Your patients want decreased wait times. They want medication refills and questions turned around in a timely fashion. And they want to know that they are being heard when they ask, "Why?" No matter how much we smile and how sincere we teach our staff to be, hearing "I'm sorry" is no longer high on patients' priority lists.
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