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Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO
Dr. Mile Brujic practices in Bowling Green, OH. He also owns Optometric Insights, a service providing career coaching to optometrists.
Work with patients to combat contact lens obsolescence
Obsolescence happens. If you are not familiar with it, it is the act of becoming obsolete or out of date.
3 tips to better fit keratocones with sclerals
3 tips to better fit keratocones with sclerals
You may have heard success stories with patients fit in scleral lenses and seen discussion in literature regarding the finer points of fitting these contact lenses. If you are not currently fitting scleral contact lenses but are interested in working with them, we recommend three things to prepare yourself and your practice to fit scleral lenses.
Glasses and contact lenses: Have they become a commodity?
Sell the best thing you have going for you—you.
Why aren’t ODs referring to each other?
Know those optometric colleagues locally who have invested both time and money into the technologies and educated themselves on contemporary care algorithms.
How a blue ocean strategy can keep you competitive
How a blue ocean strategy can keep you competitive
What do you think it would be like to practice in an environment free of competition? How about having a complete lock on a market?
6 contact lens wear and care habits for patients and ODs
As a profession, we have seen the benefits of transitioning patients to contact lens modalities that are replaced frequently. Innovations in material technologies have allowed advanced designs, including greater oxygen permeability to provide a healthier, more comfortable wearing experience.
3 ways to reassess your goals heading into Q4
As summer winds down and the holidays begin to come into focus, it’s beneficial to take time to reevaluate the goals we set forth months prior. It’s time to take a look at how we’ve progressed in accomplishing them.
How to identify and treat allergic eye disease
How to identify and treat allergic eye disease
As optometry’s scope of practice has increased, optometrists have embraced allergic eye disease. Ocular allergies have multiple effects to patients in our practice. But, if allergies are unidentified because symptoms may not be present during office visits, patients may treat themselves.
What is the best contact lens for your patient?
We have been the fortunate recipients of innovative technologies in contact lenses that were only concepts a mere decade ago. As a profession, we transitioned most of our two-week and monthly disposable contact lens wearers who were in traditional hydrogel materials into silicone hydrogel materials.
Why making connections is vital to your optometry career
I have been fortunate in my career to meet some amazing people: optometrists, ophthalmologists, editors, those involved with industry, and several others along the way. One of the things I enjoy most about the profession is working and collaborating with many to help advance the profession and continue to move it forward.


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