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Fred Gebhart
The author is a correspondent for Urology Times, a sister publication.
Teleglaucoma redefining role in future of blindness prevention
'Teleglaucoma’ is feasible and can play a major role in blindness prevention. Telemedicine and teleglaucoma are going to be an important part of how physicians take care of patients in the United States and worldwide.
Translatable animal model needed if glaucoma research is achievable
Animal models are vital to glaucoma research. The problem is that no single animal model fully recapitulates the natural history of human glaucoma. A model that mimicked the progression and time line of human glaucoma would do little to speed drug discovery.
Novartis Alcon changes build better platform for ophthalmology
Alcon Laboratories pharmaceutical products have been moved into the Novartis Pharmaceutical Division. The switch means a sharper focus on research and development in ophthalmology as well as better access to Norvartis’ patient services and support capabilities.
Targeted vitreoretinal lymphoma therapies mimic other approaches
Targeted vitreoretinal lymphoma therapies mimic other approaches
Vitreoretinal lymphomas are both deceptive and deadly. While there are only about 350 cases reported annually in the United States, median survival is less than 5 years, said Rajesh C. Rao, MD.
Quantifying ectasia risk after LASIK
A preliminary analysis of a dataset containing more than 300,000 eyes treated with LASIK between 6 to 10 years ago is beginning to quantify some of the risks for ectasia.
5 rules to repair DALK ruptures
Worried about rupture during a deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK)? You may be overreacting. While rupture is the most common complication of DALK, its repair is not as difficult as commonly thought.
Similarities seen in ocular protein deposits in glaucoma, dementia
The latest findings in the similarities between protein deposits seen in the eyes of patients with glaucoma and those with dementia are highlighted.
Creating corneal inlay pockets with femtosecond laser technology
A surgeon with clinical experience with three femtosecond lasers discusses the practicalities of creating ideal femtosecond laser inlay pockets.
Novel gelatin stent works effectively as stand-alone procedure
One-year results are reviewed for use of a novel ab-interno gelatin stent as a stand-alone procedure for patients with mild-to-moderate primary open-angle glaucoma.
Identifying new forms of infectious uveitis
Identifying new forms of infectious uveitis
Evidence suggests more ophthalmologists should perform aqueous sampling and viral testing in hypertensive anterior uveitis cases.


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