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Study finds no VA benefit by adding corticosteroid implant to anti-VEGF injections
Match multifocal IOL to patient needs, preferences for best results
Glaucoma management can play important role with premium IOLs
Ultra-widefield angiography: New window for retinovascular featuresQuantitative assessment of retinovascular features on ultra-widefield angiography images showed significant improvements in leakage and ischemia following treatment with aflibercept in patients with diabetic macular edema and retinal vein occlusion.
Contrast sensitivity device exposes vision limitations of reattachment patientsComputerized testing of contrast sensitivity function using the Sentio Platform (Adaptive Sensory Technology) may better quantify the visual limitations of patients than traditional letter acuity after retinal detachment repair.
Greater subfoveal choroidal thickness in AMD eyes; more injections needed
Topical squalamine offers novel, promising therapy for nAMD
Ocular perfusion pressure, cerebrospinal fluid pressure: New players in glaucoma
The hyphema that keeps on givingPersistent bleeding in a glaucoma patient with neovascular glaucoma after metastatic renal carcinoma requires a range of surgical methods to treat.
Endoscope offers versatility over microscope for retinal surgeries


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