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    False hope for dry eye?

    An OTEurope story we ran a couple of weeks ago clearly resonated with reader, Peter Raus in Belgium. He writes:

    "The title of the article 'Not a dry eye in the house' gives the false hope (again) that dry eye only is an immunologic problem… We all know that inflammatory expansion of B and T lymphocytes can lead to loss of lacrimal acini but this is only one aspect of an (unfortunately) far more complex phenonomenon that 'dry eye' appears to be! Personally I am convinced that a lot of other factors as e.g. lacritin play a more important role in the physiopathology of dry eyes. Moreover, acinar volume loss often appears insufficient relative to the theoretical overcapacity of the main lacrimal gland! On the other hand I welcome every new therapy that can help (and this is not the same as 'treat') my dry eye patients.'
    Peter Raus, BELGIUM

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