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    Preservative-free glaucoma eye drops

    Taflotan, developed by Santen, is a preservative-free prostglandin eye drop tailored for glaucoma patients. The drops provide an alternative treatment for lowering intraocular pressure.

    The eye drops are an ideal solution for patients who experience side effects from glaucoma eye drops with preservatives. Taflotan is also well-suited for dry and sensitive eyes.

    Results from several recent studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Taflotan. The eye drops reduce ocular symptoms and signs.

    For further information please visit http://www.santen.com/

    Visual field data analysis tool

    Oculus have released the Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP)- the latest software enhancement for use with the Oculus Easyfield, Centerfield 2 and Twinfield 2 perimeters.

    GSP can be installed as an upgrade for any visual data analysis tools that may already be in use. It is able to detect subtle visual field changes linked to the early stages of glaucoma.

    The tool performs a multi-level classification of clinical findings into either 'Normal', 'Glaucomatous', 'Artifactual' and 'Neuro'.

    This corresponds to different glaucoma severity levels. Results are displayed in the form of colour-coded bar charts. The charts present the confidence level of glaucoma severity classification.

    For further information visit http://www.oculus.de


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