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    Severe trachomatous dry eye treatment

    Dr Mustafa Guzey and colleagues have found topical cyclosporine A to be effective in treating severe trachomatous dry eye in a recent study published in Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology.

    In an author commentary published on MDLinx Dr Guzey confirmed that whilst there is no therapeutic treatment available at the moment for severe trachomatous dry eye: "In preliminary studies, treatment with topical CsA improved the signs and the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. An increase in goblet cell counts was reported in association with clinical improvement. Reduced numbers of activated T lymphocytes in conjunctiva and a decrease in IL's in conjunctival epithelium were also observed. CsA significantly improved corneal staining, Schirmer scores and significantly increased conjunctival goblet cell density."

    Sixty four patients were included in the study and 32 were treated with CsA 0.05% ophthalmic emulsion twice daily and concomitant 5 times daily non-preserved artificial tear and the other 32 were designated as the control group receiving placebo emulsion twice daily and non-preserved artificial tear 5 times daily.

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