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Cataract OTE

Why UK patients travel abroad for laser eye surgeryMore citizens from the United Kingdom are traveling abroad for laser eye procedures, according to a medical travel website. Enquiries from the United Kingdom into overseas clinics for laser procedures rose 60% in the 12 months ending November 15, 2016, according to WhatClinic.com, which lists medical clinic by location.
Researchers make strides in amblyopiaAccumulating evidence suggests that multiple treatments can help people with amblyopia, according to a review of the literature.
Biosensors in contact lenses can monitor IOP and diabetesWork is progressing on contact lenses that can monitor biomarkers in tear film for intraocular pressure, diabetes mellitus, and other health conditions.
Viscosplit and crack in mini-coaxial small-incision cataract surgeryCataract surgery assisted by viscosplit and crack with a new phaco tip gives good results compared with standard phacoemulsification, either bimanual or one-handed.
Rayner’s clear vision for the future of cataract surgeryRayner designs and manufactures IOLs and proprietary injection devices for use in cataract surgery. As the first manufacturer of the IOL, they’ve been working with surgeons for longer than anyone.
How to manage cataracts with ocular surface diseaseOcular surface disease, including dry eye disease, is common in patients undergoing cataract surgery. It must be treated in order to optimise the ocular surface prior to surgery, and close follow-up in the postoperative period is important.
Experience with a single-use, preassembled silicone I/A tip systemAn I/A tip system comprises a preassembled, single-use silicone I/A tip, which has advantages over other commercially available products. It helps to reduce capsular rupture during cataract surgery and also eliminates tricky tip assembly and cleaning.
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in Scotland
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in ScotlandDespite predictions that the prevalence of APACG, a leading cause of blindness, is set to rise worldwide, some authors have reported a decline in certain countries.
How manual cataract surgery rivals phaco for dry eye changesA study showed manual small incision cataract surgery does not affect tear film stability or tear secretion differently than phacoemulsification does, while it also does not make patients' eyes more dry, either.
Adjustable intraocular lenses after cataract surgeryIncorrect IOL power is one of the most frequent reasons for IOL exchange following cataract surgery. Different options for the correction of residual refractive errors are being developed, including piggyback IOLs, light-adjustable lenses and multicomponent IOLs.