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Cornea OTE

Cross-linking clinical trail outcomes still favourableData from an interim analysis
A cortically blind patient with preserved visual imageryThe findings of a case report in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology may support its authors hypothesis that the primary visual cortex, in which retinal spatial geometry is preserved, is not critical for visual imagery.
The future is in view with the help of an artificial corneaDevices address both tissue shortage and transplant demand
Chemical burns best treated with buffer, IOP spike preventionWhat should you be concentrating on with severe corneal burns?
Producing corneas for human transplantNortheastern University engineering professor Jeffrey Ruberti and his research colleagues are breaking new ground in the technique known as "hybrid tissue engineering" by attempting to combine cow tissue with human tissue to produce corneas for human transplant.
Progress in corneal biomechanicsResearchers are looking into corneal biomechanics as a means to screen patients for keratectasia. The authors review signal interpretation from a non-contact applanation tonometer as it relates to corneal biomechanical indices such as corneal hysteresis.
Confocal microscopy as an evaluation tool of wound healing in corneal surgeryConfocal microscopy as an evaluation tool of wound healing in corneal surgery
Inhibiting and regressing corneal neovascularisationInterim results from a Phase II study by Gene Signal suggest that antisense oligonucleotide GS-101 is safe and effective at inhibiting abnormal corneal new blood vessel growth.
Intraductal meibomian gland probing reduces inflammationA new technique of intraductal meibomian gland probing using disposable cannulas of various lengths appears highly effective in providing quick and lasting relief from inflammatory sysmptoms of obstructive meibomian gland disease.
Out with the old and in with the newA comparison of an older nanoliter osometer and a newer osometer shows that both devices are effective in measuring tear osmolarity and produce comparable measurements.