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Glaucoma OTE

How glucosamine supplements may increase IOPThe finding raises questions about whether the supplements could play a role in glaucoma, wrote H. Esfandiari of the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran and colleagues in the journal Eye.
Biosensors in contact lenses can monitor IOP and diabetesWork is progressing on contact lenses that can monitor biomarkers in tear film for intraocular pressure, diabetes mellitus, and other health conditions.
New technology predicts conversion to POAGClinicians can predict which patients with ocular hypertension are most likely to develop primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) using short-wave automated perimetry, scanning laser polimetry, and confocal laser ophthalmoscopy, as well as the patient’s age, researchers said.
Electroretinography detects early glaucoma signsLesions appear in both outer and inner retinal layers in the early onset of glaucoma, with the most pathological change in neurophysiological processes affecting the photoreceptors cells of the outer layer. Such findings could aid in early diagnosis of the disease.
Why you need to beware of potential mimickers of paediatric glaucomaAlthough the diagnosis of primary congenital or early developmental glaucoma is often straightforward, similar phenotypic features can occur in other paediatric conditions, which are consequently sometimes mistaken for early childhood glaucoma. Ophthalmologists who care for children with glaucoma must keep such potential mimics in mind.
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in Scotland
Why primary angle-closure glaucoma is declining in ScotlandDespite predictions that the prevalence of APACG, a leading cause of blindness, is set to rise worldwide, some authors have reported a decline in certain countries.
How 24-hour IOP measurements vary with glaucoma treatmentClinicians should take into account the way IOP varies over the course of 24 hours depending on the glaucoma treatment used, according to the authors of a new literature review.
Novel device reliably measures iridocorneal anglesScheimpflug photography using a novel device (Sirius, Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici) provides consistent measurements of the iridocorneal angle at different meridians in healthy eyes and could be used to detect occludable angles.
Cataract surgery cuts glaucoma risk in eyes with pseudoexfoliationCataract surgery appears to reduce the risk of glaucoma in eyes with pseudoexfoliation (PEX) syndrome, researchers said.