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Acanthamoeba contact lens danger analysedDespite frequent disregard of contact lens hygiene recommendations and an abundance of Acanthamoeba spp. in local drinking water, contact lens wearers in Madrid, Spain, appear to be avoiding keratitis, researchers say.
Study examines link between MS and uveitisThe findings of a new study will enable clinicians to make more accurate diagnoses of multiple sclerosis (MS) and uveitis while giving people a better understanding of their prognoses, according to its authors.
Prevalence of 'floppy eyelid' syndrome among employed peopleIn this article, the author discusses a recent study determining the frequency of 'Floppy eyelid' syndrome among patients of an active working age range.
Higher temperatures linked to severity of allergic conjunctivitisTemperatures measured by a newly developed non-contact ocular surface thermographer (OST) can be used to evaluate the efficacy of topical anti-allergic agents because of the significant correlation of the conjunctival surface temperature and the severity of conjunctival allergic reaction, according to recently published data.
Clinical improvement in adenoviral conjunctivitis modelForesight Biotherapeutics, Inc. has announced data from a pre-clinical study designed to assess the safety and efficacy of the topical administration of FST-100 in a highly regarded Ad5 NZW rabbit model of adenoviral conjunctivitis.
Novagali technologies allow greater drug access to the posterior of the eyeAccording to research analysts it is estimated that as little as five percent of a topically applied drug ever reaches the intraocular tissues due to drug loss as the result of tearing, lacrimal fluid-eye barriers, and blood-ocular barriers.
Uveitis study enters Phase IIaESBATech AG, a developer of antibody fragment therapeutics, has initiated a Phase IIa study in patients with acute anterior uveitis, designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability and clinical activity of topically applied ESBA105.
Causes of infectious scleritisFungus and microbial infection are the most common causes of infectious scleritis, according to study conclusions published in the February issue of Eye.
Anti-inflammatory enters Phase I/IIESBA105, an anti-TNF alpha antibody fragment designed to reduce inflammation in patients undergoing cataract surgery, has begun a Phase Ib/IIa trial, according to an announcement from ESBATech AG, the antibody's developer.
Ocular herpes drug under FDA reviewA New Drug Application (NDA) for ganciclovir ophthalmic gel 0.15% against herpetic keratitis, submitted by Sirion Therapeutics, Inc, has been accepted for review by the FDA.