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Thank you!Although we have always received a steady stream of feedback from readers, contributors and industry, never have we been bombarded by so many compliments in such a short space of time as at two recent conferences.
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Red light signals dangerIt is an accepted fact that people in the UK have one of the poorest diets in Europe; with the consumption of poor-quality, low-priced foods, along with lack of exercise fuelling the rise in obesity amongst many other diseases.
Are you ready for the changes ahead?Welcome to this, the glaucoma special issue of Ophthalmology Times Europe. This month we aim to give you a taste of events from the International Glaucoma Society meeting, which was held in Athens in March. If you were not able to make it, we hope this section will allow you to feel as though you did not miss out on some of the important presentations.
Wet AMD dominating the headlinesWho could ignore the biggest news story of the last few weeks — the European approval of Lucentis? Whether you are a retina specialist or not, it would have been virtually impossible to miss this announcement. In fact, the press coverage received by this approval has been quite incredible. Certainly in the UK, we have seen headlines splashed across the pages of many of the major national newspapers. The entry of Lucentis into Europe marks a significant milestone in the treatment of wet AMD. This agent has actually been shown to improve vision in wet AMD sufferers; something that has never been done before. Now all wet AMD sufferers are eligible for treatment, which means retinologists now need to question how they will cope with the sudden surge of patients. Time will tell but we do hope to provide you with a guide on how to manage your clinic and patients in the new era of wet AMD therapy in upcoming issues.
Smile, it's the holiday seasonIt's almost the end of the year. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and the climate around the majority of countries in Europe is dipping to very unpleasant levels.
Happy Birthday to us!This month we are celebrating our first birthday. This time last year we launched the first issue of Ophthalmology Times Europe. I cannot believe it's come round so quickly. Although, when I reflect on how much has been achieved in such a short space of time, I suppose it's surprising that it has only been a year.
Let's get ready for LondonIt's that time of year again and I'm sure most of you will be getting ready for Europe's largest annual congress, the 24th Congress of the ESCRS. I have to admit, although I have lived in England my whole life, London never ceases to amaze me. It's busy, expensive and sometimes can feel quite impersonal. That aside, it is a remarkable city. Its cosmopolitan nature gives rise to an eclectic mix of, amongst many other things, restaurants, bars, parks, theatres and shops. It's quite easy to feel spoilt for choice. So while you're visiting our wonderful capital, make sure you get out and sample the delights the city has to offer. Our quick guide to getting out and about in London (ESCRS Congress preview) gives you a little taste of what you might expect.
Open your mind to a new philosophyDidier Ducournau talks about the development and growth of the EVRS and on his personal vision for vitreoretinal surgeons.