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    New EDOF IOL features novel optical design, reduced side effects, advanced chromatic optics


    Laboratory evaluation

    A randomized, prospective clinical study evaluated visual performance and quality with the AT LARA IOL in a virtual setup, in which phakic subjects with healthy eyes viewed through the lens when it was placed into their optical path using a unique testing device (VirtIOL). The defocus curve results obtained with the EDOF IOL were compared with other marketed IOLs. Dr. Schallhorn said the defocus curves showed greater range of focus with the AT LARA compared with a competitor’s EDOF IOL (data on file).

    In a second trial with a similar set up (VirtIOL testing device), subjects had to rate the IOLs according to their visual quality while viewing a night traffic display [Guthoff RF, et al. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58(8):338]. More favorable results were observed with the AT LARA compared with a competitive EDOF IOL and a traditional multifocal IOL.


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